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Silvia (from Australia)
1/17/2010 11:40:46

Whoah, little dude! Blimey, these are lovely. I think your fall pictures are unsurpassed in quality. I have a special affinity for your pictures including both nature and man-made constructions--like the picture of the barn that includes a lot of the sky, or the tree and the fence in golden sunlight... Beautiful.

bc oldman
2/28/2010 09:46:34

like, the fall pictures are like, wicked, red, orange, yellow, whatevew. Yuo are a ggod photagraper.

8/11/2010 07:43:26


I loved the fall pictures. You are truly talented! It made me feel so jealous of you to see that you live (or at least visited) such a beautiful place. I'm glad you put these pictures up. They're inspirational in a way, and I hope you put up more soon (seeing as it's almost fall). :]

11/23/2010 00:38:05

Your pictures are wonderful. You have an eye for beauty and you capture it splendidly in your photos.

You have a real talent and you're helping to bring God's beauty to others.

Thank you for sharing them with me. As always, I'm very proud of you and so blessed to know you.

Mr. Carr


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